Monday, January 27, 2014

King Conservation District Native Bareroot Plant Sale

Western Hazelnut catkins next to Little Swamp Creek

This unusually dry winter has meant that instead of sitting in front of the computer blogging about Little Swamp Creek I've been happily spending that time outside getting rid of blackberry bushes that have been burying some of the plants in the restoration project our neighbor's yard.  More about that project another day.

If you are interested in purchasing native plants for a very good price, you have until February 9th to pre-order plants from the King Conservation District Native Bareroot Plant Sale.  You can purchase everything from Western Red Cedars to coastal strawberries.  You can't purchase just one plant, you have to purchase the bareroot plants or plugs in bundles of 10, and you have to be able to pick up your order at their location in Renton on March 1st.    I am excited to add some native ground covers like the coastal strawberries and low Oregon grape to the edges of the replanted native areas along Little Swamp Creek in our yard.  And in the project behind our fence we will replace shore pines that were smothered by blackberry canes and cedars that were eaten by deer.

I'm hoping that I am successfully embedding below a .pdf file with all of the sale information and the list of available plants presented in a very helpful chart.  If you click on the arrow at the top left corner of the image it will get rid of the small preview views on the left side.