Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just a little more follow-up on the planting project....

Before going any further I have to point out that one of the Red-flowering currant bushes that was planted during the big planting event on April 10th is blooming!  I think that's pretty cool.  And while I was taking pictures of it, a pair of Red-headed Sapsuckers landed in the tree above me, making a bit of a racket.  I managed to get a picture of one of them before they were gone again - 

Just another reason why I feel lucky to live here, and why I want to protect this stream and wetland area.

The main impetus for this post is to share some impressive statistics about the planting event on the 10th.  Thanks to Loren at Adopt-A-Stream for sending these out!

  • 150 native trees and shrubs planted
  • 4000 square feet of lawn around those plants covered with a weed barrier of coffee bags (made of coconut fiber) and cardboard 
  • 45 cubic yards of mulch spread on top of the weed barrier
  • 96 hours of volunteer service

Thanks again to everyone involved!  

I have finally tagged all of the plants with a yellow surveyor-type tape provided by AAS (I was surprised to pick up the roll and discover that it's not plastic - the material reminds me of interfacing you might use when sewing).  The yellow "tags" make all of the little bare, twiggy plants show up better.  It's still hard to see them in the little pictures I'm posting below, but hopefully if you click on the picture it will pop you to a large version of the photo. 

Here's the area near the front fence -

And the back half of the project, looking southwest/downstream - 

And finally, a nice picture of a Paper Birch all leafed out - 

The Paper Birch and Black Twinberry are two native plants included in the new planting that I am not familiar with, so I'll be happy to get to know them...

Yesterday Eric and I happened upon an area at the northernmost end of Golden Gardens Park in Seattle where there is a pond that outlets onto the beach.  It occured to us as we were walking on the path from the pond to the parking lot that we were walking next to an area that was planted with the same native plants that were just planted in our yard.  I'm sorry that we didn't think to take a picture of it, because we were thinking that it is the perfect example of what our yard will look like along the stream in 10 years or so.  It was amazing.  We'll have to go back and take a photo or two to share.

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