Thursday, April 15, 2010

Planting Day Tomorrow!

A banner is up...

.....and some plants are staged, with many more to be delivered tomorrow morning.

When the guys from Adopt-A-Stream dropped off the plants and tools, they placed three catch-and-release traps in the stream to see what critters are living in there. The traps are baited with cans of cat food. I can't wait to see what we see in them tomorrow. In case you wondered, you need to have a permit to do this trapping in a stream....

Here's a closer shot of that trap -

The traps were placed on the upstream side of each of the three large woody debris spots, which were placed in the stream by Adopt-A-Stream with the help of the LEAF School class last July.

This cylindrical one is hard to see. It is the smallest and the furthest downstream -

I LOVE the educational aspect of these projects. To see all of the things that I never knew were living in the stream was so amazing when they did this last July. I'm curious to see how tomorrow's "catch" will compare. I'm sure that we'll have lots of pictures to post!

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