Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stream-side Planting - Phase Two - Coming Friday!

Big piles of empty burlap coffee bags staged in our yard means one thing - we are about to take part in another amazing Adopt-A-Stream planting project in our yard, with the help of the students of the L.E.A.F. School from Edmonds Community College. We will be getting rid of a bunch of lawn on the west side of the stream this time, planting native trees and bushes and mulching/covering the lawn in between the plants with the coffee bags and cardboard (recycled, of course).

Here is a picture from the planting day last spring that shows the side of the stream that will be taken care of this time -

And here is a shot of some the the plants from the planting last spring. Most are leafing out now and look much more impressive in person! I am amazed - I don't think we have lost ANY of the plants. M-U-L-C-H!! Well, and we watered them through the summer....

And hey, I just realized that this blog has been around for a year now. I started with the first Adopt-A-Stream-coordinated planting project last year. Nice!

Just a warning - you can expect a flurry of posting for a little while here. I am going to have a lot to share.

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