Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Crows

If you say "Birds!" right now to anyone who lives in Kenmore, I'll bet you they will say "Crows!".  Every day as dusk approaches the crows rendezvous in our neighborhood in HUGE numbers.  You can see them approach Kenmore in unbelievable "swarms".  And in the morning before dawn I've seen them spreading out again, leaving for the day.  

How timely that our local PBS station just recently ran  Nature - A Murder of Crows.  (You can click on that link to watch the whole show.)  

Although I am no videographer, and this video is definitely of poor visual quality, I recorded this to try to capture the ruckus that the crows make in our yard every evening:

My fear with all of these crows around was that our heron and songbird populations would be decimated.  But the crows seem to leave when the herons return to the Kenmore rookery to nest in the spring.  As you will see in my next post, other birds are definitely still around.

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