Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Fauna

Crow vs. neighborhood hawk

Time for a visual update on what's going on along our stretch of Little Swamp Creek.  This post is all fauna.  I'll blog about the flora soon.

Neighborhood Red-tailed hawk

Red-tailed Hawk sitting it their nest.

Heron hunting again in the field behind our yard.

Deer in the field.  There were four, including a young one.

A Long-toed Salamander that was hiding under a wood pile.

This song sparrow appears to have claimed a particular area of our yard as his.  I frequently see him in this western hazelnut or the Indian plum right next to it -

Varied Thrush

Living here I get to see birds that I always used to think of as a "forest" birds (birds that I would only hear and see when hiking or camping) right in our yard.  This varied thrush is a great example.

This poor Golden-crowned Kinglet ran into our window.  Luckily he recovered and flew away.

Here's the greatest development of all - Black-capped chickadees have moved into this nesting box near our front door - 


  1. You have a really good eye, (and a good camera!)

    Thanks for the wildlife photos.


  2. Thanks, Janet! I have a lot of fun taking the photos.

    I love all of the photos on your blog, too. We lived in Shoreline '90-'95, moving there not too long before it incorporated. It is so fun to see what's happening now. Congratulations on becoming a Backyard Wildlife community!

    I'm definitely looking forward posting more pictures taken in the SUNSHINE!