Thursday, May 19, 2011

Streamside planting update

It has been two years since the east side of the stretch of Little Swamp Creek that flows through our yard was re-planted with a riparian zone of native streamside plants, and one year since the west side was planted.  It's about time for some before and after photos to show off the success.

Here's what's happened on the east side of the stream - 

The south half of the eastern bank, right after planting in 2009

The south half of the eastern bank, two years later

Looking in from outside the front fence in 2009

Looking in from outside the front fence now

Looking north from mid-yard in 2009

Looking north from mid-yard today

The back corner in 2009

The back corner in 2011

And the west side of the stream  - 

Looking north right after planing in 2010

Looking north in 2011

Looking south in 2009

Looking south today

Northwest section right after planting

Northwest section now

We added some new mulch on the west side of the stream earlier this spring, both because it was a little thinner over there and because we lost some mulch in one particularly dramatic flooding event this winter.

Some of the plants are starting to spread out via runners - 

Thimbleberry runners

Salmonberry runners

 Unfortunately the deer that periodically pass through like to nibble on the red-flowering current and the red twig dogwood plants, but they haven't done too much damage - 

Thanks again to the Adopt A Stream Foundation and the LEAF School at Edmonds Community College for this amazing project!


  1. That's so awesome! Good job keeping track of things- I should do the same at Discovery Park.

  2. Thank you so much for doing a great job monitoring the planting! It is a great resource to show streamside landowners who are considering native plantings next to their stream.

    --Sammy Salmon