Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have been intending for a long time to do an update on the growth of the stream-side restoration projects in both our yard and the yard behind us.  As I was taking pictures outside yesterday to do so, I ran into this fella -  

I almost, but not quite, literally ran into him.  This is the biggest deer that I've seen in our neighborhood.  Take a look at those antlers - 


Three branches/points.

Whereas on Monday this guy caught my eye out of the kitchen window - 


He was relaxing in the sun behind our fence.  He is also in the picture at the beginning of this post.  Two prongs to his antlers.

Then this morning, four deer back there.  This doe, the 2-prong, and two smaller deer, who are probably the same two that I took pictures of earlier this year when they still had spots - 

I continue to feel that it is amazing to live in a place where there are deer running around.  And I'm much happier to see the deer this year since we were quite successful in keeping them out of our vegetable garden, with a little extra fencing.

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